Guided Hike in Monteverde 
Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Learn with Sinwa Tours of the wonders that are hidden in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
Founded in 1972, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is one of the most famous reserves in the world for its biodiversity, conservation, contributions and scientific research.

These 3500 hectares of land own 2.5% of the world's biodiversity, and is one of Costa Rica's most important private reserves.

10% of its flora is endemic,
50% of the species of flora and fauna of Costa Rica are in this natural paradise
Monteverde hosts 1/3 of the national orchid population
Costa Rica has 0.03% of the world's emerging land and 5% of the world's bio diversity
100% of the money collected in the reserve is earmarked for education, protection, research and conservation programs of protected areas.

The geographical, topographical and climatic conditions have determined the amazing biodiversity that is found in the Monteverde Reserve.

In this forest we can find the different ecosystems of hundreds of species of mammals, birds, butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, insects and arachnids, as well as a great variety of plants such as mosses, creepers and trees typical of the Cloud Forest.

The flora and fauna of the reserve is characteristic of four (4) life zones according to the life zones map of Costa Rica (Bolaños, Watson and Tosi, 1999).
 1. Pre-montane rainforest living area occupies an area of ​​948 Ha. It is located on the Caribbean slope, in the middle of the Peñas Blancas river.

2. The Montano Bajo rain forest living area occupies the largest part of the reserve (2,180 ha.) And is located on both slopes, on the high peaks and ridges of the continental divide.

3. The living area very humid forest Montano Bajo, occupies a small sector of the reserve (341.5 Ha.). It is in this area that there is the greatest pressure on the resources protected by the reserve, since the infrastructure for the administration of the reserve and the visitor sites for the thousands of visitors that arrive every year is located here. In addition, this area is where most scientific research has been carried out for 35 years.
4. Finally, the very humid forest area Premontano, is the least represented area in the reserve with just 174.9 Ha. This area is located on the Pacific slope. The natural vegetation is an evergreen forest with a few deciduous species and a diversity and moderate abundance of epiphytes.

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Duration of the tour: 3 hours.

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